Top Career Options for Men: 5 Jobs That Pay Over 300k

Women nowadays are no longer just looking for looks and charms. Often, they are looking for someone who can provide financial security. Smart ladies also get more easily attracted to intelligent men and intelligent men know where to find those jobs! Here are some of the jobs for men that are more likely to impress women. Its a subjective, borderline shallow list, but hey, some careers just seem to impress!


Has to make the list. Doctors are some of the highest paid professionals in the US, including the general practitioners, psychiatrists, pediatricians and surgeons. Among these medical professionals, anesthesiologists have the highest pay, which is around $235,070. It would just take several years to finish education and internship. Moreover, continuous education is needed to keep up with the constant changes in this field. Aside from the good pay, doctors are also intelligent and they have a caring nature, which could make them more attractive to women.

Lawyer :

Lawyers are also known for being smart. They look sharp and dignified, plus, they seem to know the right words to say on the right time. Furthermore, women would feel more secured knowing they have someone who knows about the law. The annual salary of a lawyer may not be as high as many doctors, but it is also enough to provide a financially stable life to his partner. Average annual salary can be around $113,530.


There are different kinds of engineers, including civil, electrical, mechanical and software engineer. Their area of specialization may differ, but all of them deal with the design, development and maintenance of a specific project. For instance, a civil engineer may work for constructions companies or government agencies and work on buildings and roads.

Software engineers on the other hand develop systems, applications and software designed to meet users’ needs. They may work in various companies, including telecommunications service providers like Broad-Connect Telecom. Unified communications systems and hosted PBX are some of the systems that they help develop. The creativity and innovation of these individuals could also be a huge point to women. The salary depends on the specific field that they are in. The average salary of civil engineers is $80,770, while software engineers could earn approximately $94,000.


Like civil engineers, architects also work in the construction industry. They create the design of a building or structure to meet the needs of the clients. Their plans must ensure that each area would serve their purpose and that the structure is stable and safe. Architects could earn an average of $74,110 per annum.


The men in uniform wouldn’t be out of the list. They are perceived as manly and brave, making women feel secured and protected. Policemen have this aura that they are in authority giving them more appeal to the ladies. The average pay of a police officer is about $47,829 per year. This may not be as high as the other professions in the list, but many women still find them attractive.

These professions may help you in getting noticed by women and maybe in getting the attention of your potential partner. However, your overall personality would still tell if they would be willing to get to know you further.

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