10 Types of Boots & Shoes for Men Explained

The objective of this article is to list down the different options available to a man in terms of his footwear. I’m sure many of you must have heard the saying ” a man is judged by the shoe that he wears”.

So before buying the right one based on your needs, you need to ensure that you’ve taken care of the following factors:

1. Quality is the key

Whenever you’re going to purchase your shoe, always keep the quality factor in mind. Why? because you litreally spend the whole day in your shoes. A poorly made shoe can lead to medical issues, if not anything else.

And again, a shoe that has a high consideration towards quality may be a little on the expensive side, but will last for a very long time, look cool and provide you the comfort you would actually want from your Mens Boots.

2. Choose the right one

Depending on your situation, you will also need to change your shoe to adapt. You cannot expect to wear a casual shoe at your workplace, you need to wear a formal or an office shoe. Many of us tend to wear whatever we feel like or think that is right based on our convenience, actually breaking the etiquette

3. Getting the right shoe size

With the vast variety of shoes available today, it’s important that you find the right size of your shoe for optimal comfort. Different manufacturers will offer different kinds of fitting depending on the shape your foot. Hence, it makes sense to try them out before making the purchase.

Best Work Boots for men

10. Steel Toe Work Boots

A steel-toe shoe is a durable boot or shoe that has a steel protective insert in the toe which covers the front part of the foot. These are particularly used by construction workers or others who are at a risk of having heavy objects dropped on their feet. The best one’s come from Caterpillar, they’re really very rugged and will last a long time. Might cost a bit more when paying up – but worth the price for the comfort and the longevity of the shoe

9. Mens Lace up Boots

A lace up work boot laces will pass through a number of holes or loops. The most obvious thing to check is that the laces are long enough to lace up and to tie a double knot at the top. They’re available in different materials like leather and the best leather lace-up boots for should have some features you need to look out for during your purchase

First, they need to have a metal bar in the sole to stop excessive bending, as this protects the sole of the foot.
Second, they need to provide good support for the ankles

Best Dress Shoes for Men

8. Formal Shoes

The regular styled oxford shoes are meant to be worn with formal clothes or you’re full suit. They’re laced shoes and normally styled with a small heel. They’re suited in corporate environments or formal functions like a wedding etc. They should definitely be a part of every mans footwear collection

7. Formal Slip-ons

Many manufacturers have gone a step further and made the formal oxford styled shoes without laces as well, giving the slip-on concept. These shoes are really easy to use and can be used in formal as well as casual environments.

Best Casual Shoes for Men

Let’s look at the various kinds of casual shoes available in the footwear market

6. Boat Shoes

These shoes were actually made to be worn on a boat to prevent slipping. Although, now they have become popular and can be seen in many casual environments as well. Most of the men also wear these shoes without socks, classifying them as summer shoes. Generally, tend to look good on men in shorts

5. Heavy Soles

These shoes have a very distinct character being made with very heavy soles. They’re to be worn only in casual environments and will vary in their build quality. Can be worn on jeans and shirt or a t-shirt. They range from $40 – $150

4. Slip-On Leather Loafer

These slip-on leather loafers are made with heavy rubber soles and come with a casual looking exterior. They come in a wide variety of styles and fill a niche along with optimum comfort for the user

3. Sandals

Sandals are known to man from a very long time and provide maximum comfort by having great air circulation at the top of our feet. They’re perfect to be worn during holidays when you juts want to unwind or may be just hang out at the beach with one of them.

2. Crocs

Well, these definitely do fall under the casual category and are made of a proprietory foam called resin. The foam has a quality of adjusting itself the users feet and the company claims that it has some medical benefits as well. Can be worn only with casual wear. Priced around $25 to $50

1. Sneakers

These are the universal sports wear shoes that are worn during sporting events. They offer unmatched grip, comfort and support to the user. The best ones available in the market are from: Nike, Reebok, Adidas and they have gone ahead and further classified into Running shoes, walking shoes etc.

Custom Made Shoes

These ones do deserve a mention as generally they’re of the highest quality and can take a very long time to make. There are manufacturers that have a year long wait period and then will take around 8-10 to make the shoe of your choice. You will be given the choice of selecting your leather, soles, lining, thread color and laces. These shoes are hand crafted and quality is taken care to the highest standard. Each stitch of the shoe is given after utmost consideration.

These will of course be expensive and drill a huge hole in your pocket. However, they will offer the highest longevity you can ever get from a shoe and might even last you a decade. The best part about them is that they pay themselves off as the last a very long time and offer an unmatched experience and appearance.

Shoe Care Tips

When shoes are worn for a long period of time on a daily basis, they tend to develop a foul smell – an odour. Now, it’s common sense that no one would like to wear shoes that stink? Right

Now, it’s best that to avoid this odor you maintain your shoes on a regular basis. Here are a few tips to maintain the overall health of your shoe:

Wash – Shoes that are regularly worn to the gym and other athletic purposes tend to smell a lot because it faces all the heat, sweat, dirt when you’re exercising. The best thing to do is to just wash them by hand or put them in your washing machine if you just don’t have the time. I would prefer to get them done by hand.

Spray – You can use odor removal spray to get rid of the foul smell coming from your shoes

Polish – It’s best that you polish your oxfords on a regular basis to maintain the sanity of your leather.

Waterproof your shoes – If you happen to wear your shoes a lot during the rough and rainy weather, it’s best that you waterproof them with specialty waterproof compounds available in the market.


We’ve covered the various mens boots and shoes available along with what clothing they can be worn on? Which one do your prefer and how many of them do you own in your collection?

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