Best Pellet Smoker for the Money: Top 3 Electric Pellet Smoker Reviews

Smoked meat is very palatable, delicious and tasty. However, the type of fuel you used for the process of smoking also matters. The best fuel source that will give the best flavor is wood pellets. There are several pellet smokers in the market making it difficult for those looking for one to find the best. Here are reviews of the three best pellet smokers currently in the market. We also have reviews on other types of smokers:

Traeger Junior Elite Pellet Grill with Digital Thermostat Controller

Traeger is one of the renowned brands when it comes to pellet smokers. It produces some of the best products including this Junior Elite Pellet grill. It is best for small households, college living or tailgating. It is fitted with a variety of features, which make it a high performer and the favorite meat smoker for those new to this kind of cooking.

Features and Specifications

The following are some of the features that qualify this Traeger pellet one of the very best for your smoking needs.

Spacious Cooking Space

This pellet smoker features 292 square inches of primary cooking space, which offers as much as 19500 BTUs (British Thermal Units). The cooking surface measures 15” by 20” and has porcelain coated grilling grate. This is enough for a small family, friends or whatever company you have.

Great Performance

This Traeger pellet smoker features convection technology which circulates hot smoky air around the meat being cooked ensuring even cooking. It is fitted with Traeger digital thermostat, which allows for accurate and precise temperature control. It also has an auger and convectional blower that automatically feeds the pellets into the firepot to ensure consistent heating.

Strong And Durable

This electric pellet smoker is constructed from a 20-gauge stainless steel, which makes it resistant to normal wear and tear as well as impact from impact that is more intensive. The steel construction and the inner porcelain coating make it heat resistant.

Other Great Features

Besides the above listed features, this Traeger pellet smoker also feature auto-start ignition, a smoke exhaust as well as the so-called EZ drain system. The system requires 110-vault electric outlet to operate. All these features enhance the cooking experience whether it is smoking, baking, grilling or roasting.

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill

rec tec reviewAnother best pellet smoker to check out while shopping for an outdoor barbecue is this one from REC TEC Grills. It looks great from overall design and offer great performance because of its superior features as well as specifications. It has several positive reviews from consumers who have had the chance of using it before.

Features and specifications

In addition to what is required for a pellet smoker to be operational, this model has several other features that make it stand out among the other brands in the market. Here are the main features:

Great Controls And Performance

This model features REC TEC’s smart Grill technology controller that is capable of maintaining temperature from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit with five-degree increments. This is a propriety PID algorithm, which allows for precise temperature control and therefore better smoking of all types of meats.

Adequate Cooking Area

Smoked meat is usually appropriate for occasions where you are eating with other family members or strength. This is why you may need a pellet smoker with adequate cooking space. This REC TEC model offers 19-inch by 34-inch cooking area (680 sq/in cooking area), which is adequate to smoke enough meat for all the people in your home or party.

Strength And Durability

This REC TEC smoker model is one of the strongest and longest lasting pellet smokers currently in the market. The housing is made high quality stainless steel. It also features micro polished stainless steel and elegantly built bullhorn handles as well as stainless steel towel ring at the base of the ring.

These latter features make unique and easy to use compared to the other models in these pellet smoker reviews. There are many other features that you will only realize just after purchasing this product and using it a couple of times.

Pellet Pro Cpg-627 Pellet Grill

pellet proComing with 20 pounds of free wood (Maple, Hickory and Cherry) pellets, this model of pellet smoker is a great one to consider if you are looking for a great electric pellet smoker for outdoor barbecue or any other meat smoking need. It has some of the very best feature you can ever look for in an electric pellet smoker.

Features and Specifications

This Pellet Pro model is designed with features that make it among the topmost brands for both new as well as meat-smoking experts. Here are the most important features that are responsible for the greatness of this pellet smoker:

Large Cooking Area

This Pellet Pro smoker features a large cooking area of up to 627 square inches provided by the top rack measuring 22 inches x 9 inches and bottom rack measuring 22 inches x 19 inches. The overall assembled dimension is 43 inches x 22 inches x 49 inches. This is provides room to smoke enough meat for the whole family or guest if you have a barbecue party.

Highly Durable

This is the pellet smoker to choose if you want one, which will serve you for longer without having to replace it. It is constructed from heavy 14-gauge steel. Also included are a heavy 13-gauge grip pan and heat deflector, porcelain covered grill rack as well as high quality steel legs with casters and wheels. All these are finished with heat resistant powder.

Great Controls And Performance

This Smoke Daddy smoker comes with a temperature gauge that calibrates from 180 degrees Fahrenheit and 400 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure more controlled and even cooking. The company offers a variety of flavors and the flexibility to choose your preference. Many more features make this model a great performer.


I believe the above discussion has given you some idea of where to start while shopping for the best pellet smoker to take home. You can visit the official website of the companies manufacturing these brands to know more before committing to purchase. You should also remember they differ in retail prices and therefore choose accordingly.

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