7 Surprising Health Benefits of Cold Shower Proven by Science

We have all had that accidental moment of freezing cold water coming out the shower.

Sometimes is happens if the hot water runs out, or if the shower breaks, or in some households if someone else uses water in a different room.

Its a shock most of us would rather not repeat.

For most of us, the early morning warm shower is one of the highlights of the day. Steaming up the bathroom, having that warm soapy feeling, its a nice way to start the day.

Well to those of us it comes as a surprise that some people deliberately have cold showers. Thats right, freezing cold water. When they have the option for a nice warm shower.

This practice isnt reserved for the ex-military or toughest of people either. Its growing in popularity with people who want to enjoy the health benefits associated with cold showers.

Cold showers come under the names of James Bond Shower, and Scottish Shower, usually meaning only the final couple of minutes of the shower is in the freezing cold water.

So what are the health benefits associated with cold showers?

Why exactly is this seemingly torturous practice gathering momentum?

7 Health Benefits of Having a Cold Shower

Increase Alertness

The thought of having cold water hitting you first thing in the morning is probably the last thing on your mind. But you will be astonished by how it stimulates alertness.

The deep breathing in response to the sudden shock of the cold water increases your oxygen intake. Raising your heart rate and sending a rush of blood through your body.

This gives you a natural rush of energy, and gives you an alert wake-up call.

Great for Hair and Skin

Forget all the expensive products on the market. The original tried and tested way to give your skin and hair that shiny and healthy look was with cold showers.

Hot water can dry out the skin and cause damage it its really hot. Cold water is known to tighten the pores and cuticles, its great for holding on to that youthful look.

Cold water also helps to close up the smaller pores, blocking them from holding dirt and becoming infected.

Improves Immunity and Circulation

Healthy circulation is vital to the healthy operation of our bodies. Cold water stimulates your blood to circulate more, meaning your organs and muscles feel great.

Better circulation is also linked to lessening the effect of heart and skin problems. Lowering blood pressure, clearing small artery blockages, and improving the immune system.

Stimulates Weight Loss

There is a strong connection between cold showers and weight loss. This is because there are two types of fat tissue in the human body, brown fat and white fat.

The white fat is the fat that comes from consuming too many calories, and not burning enough off. This is the fat hanging around the love handles and stomach we always want to shift.

While brown fat is known as good fat. Its the fat thaT keeps our bodies warm by generating heat. It activates when were exposed to cold temperatures. Hence, cold showers stimulate this activity.

Speeds up Muscle Recovery

After working out your muscles are sore. This is due to the micro-tears on the muscle fibers, and our bodies natural repair procedure.

You have probably seen athletes having ice baths, or taking cold showers. This is because cold showers help soothe the soreness of the muscles.

It does this by stimulating your body’s circulation. Pumping more blood and oxygen into the muscles, giving you a quicker, healthier recovery time.

Reduces the Effects of Stress

There have been controlled studies on group of people to monitor the effects of cold showers and stress reduction. The results are actually quite reassuring.

The impact of cold water kicks stress relieving chemicals in the brain into action. Also stimulating antioxidants into action, helping your body perform at optimal level.

If youre suffering from stress, its certainly worth you jumping in a cold shower.

Relieves Depression

If you’re not convinced of all the health benefits yet, cold shower also soothe the effects of depression.

When cold water hits the skin the body sends electrical impulses around the brain. Stimulating the brain’s natural production of feel good chemicals, and reducing the effects of depression.

In some progressive depression treatments, patients are given cold hydrotherapy. The results have proven to be positive, so there is scientific evidence to back up this claim.

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