Top CrossFit T-shirt & Shorts for Men from Best CrossFit Clothing Brands

Once you have made up your mind and decided to join a CrossFit program, you will need to get ready for workouts. First of all, you should know what to wear. In this article you will find information about the best CrossFit clothing available at the market, from t-shirts or shorts to gloves or shoes.

What Crossfit Clothing Do You Need?

Before purchasing your CrossFit clothing you should have a clear overview of what you will need. Here you have a quick guide on what CrossFit clothing is needed for CrossFit. You may add other accessories which may come in handy, but these are the must-haves!

T-shirt: even though many men like to work out shirtless, that is not the best option. Find a good CrossFit t-shirt and you may even forget you are wearing it while you follow your routine.

Shorts: check the length and other features to find the best shorts for your Make sure they will not prevent you from moving and try to find some shorts that feel comfortable.

How to Choose the Right CrossFit Apparel

Your attire can affect your performance while you follow your WOD. If you are just starting, you may be overwhelmed by the multiple options that are on the market. Here we show you some aspects you should take into account before deciding which clothing to buy.


First of all, think about the location where you will be working out. Are you working out outdoors during the winter season? Then you should go for long sleeve shirts and tights. For the summer season and for working out indoors, the most appropriate choice would be short sleeve shirts and shorts.

The most important thing to take into account is that you should maintain your body temperature in normal. While working out, your body temperature will rise, and the CrossFit clothing that you are wearing should not be the reason that it rises, nor should it increase the already high temperature. When your skin is able to breathe, it helps cool down. Check that the material which your clothing is made of allows your skin to breathe and you are good to go!

Do not forget that you should cover your skin after you work out in order to avoid illness. A blanket would be very useful.


CrossFit workouts will cause your stamina to increase, so your body will become stronger. In the meantime, your workout may lead to some circulatory concerns such as swelling or soreness. Therefore, it is advisable to check whether the clothing you are considering to purchase includes any kind of compression that reduces swelling and helps manage this issue. The prize may be higher, but the investment will be worth it, especially if you have circulatory problems.


If you are doing your WOD you will end up sweating. Double-check what you are doing if you do not sweat, because that shows you are not performing your exercises correctly! Since sweating is an issue, your clothing should be able to handle it. What you should aim for is clothing which avoids sticking to the body but maintains the shape at the same time. Choose CrossFit clothing made from wicking materials so that you can stay drier to prevent problems derived from moving in wet clothing. Not everyone sweats as much as others, so choose the materials that will work best for the amount you usually sweat.


The main purpose of CrossFit workouts is to move your body. Therefore, your clothing should match your actions and be strong enough to resist all those movements. Stretches, rips and splits are a common problem among those who follow CrossFit programs. Do not forget this when you purchase your clothing, and look for sturdy materials and double stitching. You may need to spend more than you expected, but your clothing will last longer this way.

Best Crossfit T-Shirts Brands For Men: Reebok

Have a look at this table comparing the advantages and disadvantages of three brands that offer CrossFit t-shirts. Read more about them below. Keep in mind what you are looking for and decide whether they are made for you.

Reebok T-shirts for CrossFit Training

When talking about CrossFit clothing, Reebok cannot be left out. They are the main partner with CrossFit. Constantly launching new products, Reebok is one of the athletes’ favorite worldwide.

This is one brand you should be trying if you are looking for flexible and comfortable CrossFit clothing. If you are willing to spend some money on your CrossFit apparel, you might want to take a look at the stylish t-shirts that Reebok has to offer.

Their lightweight material will make you forget you are wearing a t-shirt­ while you exercise. Together with the high quality of the stitching, print and shirt in general, these CrossFit t-shirts offer amazing functionality. Many CrossFitters would choose it as their favorite for their WOD. These shirts are versatile and you can wear them not only while working out, but also at any point in your everyday life.

The Top 5 Crossfit Shorts for Men

If you are going to follow a CrossFit program you need some shorts appropriate for all the intense exercise you will be doing. You should look for durable, lightweight shorts made of breathable fabric. Remember they should fit firmly in place, but at the same time they should be able to move with you while you work out. Check this selection of CrossFit shorts that are popular among CrossFitters because they serve for the purposes they are needed for. You may find those shorts that fit you best here!

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Speed Shorts

The Reebok Men’s Crossfit Speed Shorts is made of lightweight woven fabric with speed wick technology. Speed wick technology allows fast sweat evaporation that keep your skin dry and comfortable. This slim fit shorts for CrossFit training fits perfectly. Besides, the material is extremely flexible, so you will not be restricted while doing runs, squats, and jumps.

The internal draw cord and elastic waist allow you easy adjustments. The open hand pockets offer ample storage.

CLINCH GEAR Performance Cross-Training Shorts

This Performance Cross-Training Shorts from the CLINCH GEAR is highly durable and comfortable. The material features custom suede microfiber fabric which makes it insanely lightweight. It feels like wearing almost nothing at all. A perfect shorts designed for various combat sports and high performance cross training.

It will allow you a wide range of moves. It drys out quick and do not hold odor. They are definitely worth for those who follow tough CrossFit workouts.

UN92 MC11 Men Cross Training Short

This UN92 MC11 versatile shorts for cross training is quite useful for all sports. They are made of 4 stretch body materials, which is a durable and quick drying fabric. They are simple and practical, since they offer great flexibility and comfort.

It is also extremely breathable. The only feature that may take you aback is the length of the shorts, they are shorter than others and not all CrossFitters feel comfortable with all lengths.

Sanabul Essential MMA BJJ Cross Training Workout Shorts

These Sanabul Essential Cross Training Workout Shorts are perfect for any sport which requires a great range of movement, including CrossFit workouts. Their 4 way fabric controls moisture, providing total comfort and mobility.

The waist is pretty fit thanks to its velcro closure waistband system. These shorts offer breathability, comfort and less sweat in a casual looking fashion. The antimicrobial treatment helps these shorts to refrain from bacterial and fungal growth.

Epic MMA Gear WOD Shorts Agility 1.0

These Epic MMA Gear shorts are good basic all-rounder training shorts. They offer good mobility and a great fit thanks to their Velcro waist. If you are the kind of CrossFitter who carries his essentials, you will find the side pocket very useful.

Best bit about these shorts is that they comes with a wide range of color and design, so they can fit your t-shirt and shoes for a perfect look while working out.

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