A Gentleman’s Guide to Fine Dining Etiquette

Fine dining restaurants provide a dining experience a notch above a regular restaurant. Some of the touches you can expect include; higher quality food and a more varied menu, being escorted to your table, receiving a more attentive service, and some welcome personal touches.

As such, there is a higher ‘code’ of etiquette that comes with dining at a fine dining establishment. You can be forgiven for not being fully aware of how to behave it you’re new to fine dining. Such restaurants do not come with a set of etiquette rules at the door, it’s more so something that’s learned over time.

This article is kindly going to take you through some of the more important do’s and dont’s. So you can dine like a pro, and not worry about embarrassing yourself, or your guests.

Remember Your Table Manners

Fine dining restaurants are going to treat you very well. So be respectful and remember your table manners. Don’t rest your elbows on the table, hold a good posture in your chair, excuse yourself if you need to leave the table, and so on.

Let Your Guests Order First

If you are the host and have arranged the meal you should let your guests order first. It’s normal for the waiter or waitress to approach you if they see you are the host. But pass to your left and allow people to order clockwise ending on you.

Turn off Your Phone

Phones in restaurants are becoming increasingly annoying. Turn off your phone before you sit for the evening. I’m sure those important business calls can wait until you’ve eaten and left the restaurant. Placing your phone on the table is an even bigger faux pas, just don’t do it.

Dress Smart

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to dress smart. If you’re going to a fine dining restaurant put in that effort. Dig out that dinner jacket and make sure your shirt is well ironed. Never wear trainers, training gear, etc.

Don’t Take Food from Other Peoples Plates

No matter how tempting someone else’s food looks, don’t reach over and take something from their plate. If you are with someone you’re very comfortable with you can pass some food on a smaller plate to them to try.

Don’t Shout to Get a Waiters Attention

If you need to gain the attention of a waiter wait until you can make eye contact. Waiters are attentive people, it’s their job. So they will be on the lookout for patrons to serve and help. Never shout to get their attention, it’s rude and distracting to the other diners.

Use Your Napkins

Napkins are placed on the table to be used. When your first course is brought out place the napkin in your lap. Use the napkin to wipe food from the corners of your mouth if necessary, and place it tidily next to your plate at the end of the meal.

Don’t Disturb Other Diners

A restaurant is a shared space, but that doesn’t mean the table next to you want to hear your stories and listen to you laugh. Keeping laughing to a reasonable volume, no matter how funny the jokes are. Likewise, keep your volume to an acceptable level.

With all of these etiquette rules and the basic restaurant manners you would take with you to any restaurant, you will fit right in and look like a seasoned fine diner. Dining at upmarket restaurants is incredibly enjoyable, make sure you do your part to make it as enjoyable for everyone else as possible.

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