5 Best Shoes for Crossfit Beginners (Men’s Edition)

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You may have some running shoes at home, but they will be no good for your CrossFit workout. There are many different options at the market, check them and find the one that best suits the CrossFit program you will be following. Make sure your feet are comfortable and the shoes offer you the performance you need. As a beginner, its quite difficult to pick the right shoes for starting out. Don’t worry. We have done the research for you and pick 5 best shoes for CrossFit beginners like you.

How to Choose the Appropriate Crossfit Shoes for Beginners

Just like when you buy CrossFit apparel, if you are going to purchase CrossFit shoes, you need to make sure that they will adapt to your needs. Here we offer you three aspects you should consider before purchasing any shoes.


If the shoes you are wearing hurt your feet, it does not matter how many other good characteristics they have, because they will not suit you. Most CrossFit shoes are already designed to be comfortable, but every person has a different kind of feet, so not all shoes will work for everyone.


Before investing in CrossFit shoes you should make sure that they are what you really need. It is worth investing in a high quality shoe which will help your performance, but do not waste your money if you are not thinking on continuing with CrossFit.


You should look for light shoes because you want to avoid being weighed down by heavy shoes. Keep in mind that shoes with less breathability will start weighing more once sweat appears.

The 5 Best Beginner’s Crossfit Shoes for Men

In the following table you will find the 5 best options of CrossFit shoes for men. Keep reading and you will find a description of each pair which explains their features in detail. Read carefully and it may help you find the best shoes for you. Keep in mind that unless you try them on, you cannot be completely sure they are what you are looking for or that they fit you.

Reebok Nano 4.0

For those who are going to start this sport, theĀ Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 is a must-have! This pair of shoes will improve your performance and comfort while you do CrossFit. If you wish to feel supported and strong regardless of the activity you are doing, this is the best choice. The latest evolution of the Nano training shoe combines performance, durability and comfort. These are the main characteristics that should make you consider purchasing these shoes:

  • Duracage protective upper: together with its enhance toe-wrap you will always feel that your feet are completely protected during your WOD practice.
  • RopePro protection wrap found along the outer and inner midsole of the shoe
  • 4 mm heel-to-toe drop: this will allow you to enjoy better stability and control, reaching an optimal balance.
  • Opean weave mesh upper: your feet will keep feeling fresh and energized throughout your whole CrossFit workout.
  • Multi-surface outsole: achieve more grip, traction, balance and stability thanks to this improved outsole.
  • Forefoot and heel pods: they provide cushioning and shock absorption for added flexibility and comfort.

Most users have found these versatile shoes to be extremely comfortable, durable and perfect for their CrossFit workouts. Make sure you find the right size and you will be making a good decision if you go for these shoes.

Inov-8 F-lite 240

Inov-8 is popular among those who practice CrossFit. The F-Lite 240 has proved to be a favorite among CrossFitters. Improvements and modifications regarding the prior version have been made, and are truly welcome among most CrossFitters. Keep reading to learn about the updates that the previous version of this Inov-8 shoe has received, and about all the features that will make you decide to purchase these shoes.

  • Injected EVA midsole: this improves cushioning while maintaining the same low profile.
  • Rope Tec: this new version offers protection around the mid foot, ideal if you want to do CrossFit rope work.
  • Lightweight and breathable: these shoes provide a unique sense of contact with all surfaces, from ground to the ropes.
  • Durability: these shoes have been designed to put up with a wide variety of movements of your feet.

These pair of shoes offer cushioning, durability and everything you need for your WOD. Double check sizes before purchasing, because they might run a bit large.

Reebok Nano 3.0

Reebok brought these shoes into the world for CrossFit and people loved it. They have been designed to serve for anyone practicing this fitness program, providing the perfect combination of forefoot cushioning and heel stabilization. Check out the outstanding features of this shoe.

  • Anti-friction lining: this prevents hot-spots and rubbing. If you want to wear your shoes without wearing socks, you are good to go!
  • Rearfoot: soles are dense and crush-resistant, which provides stability and impact protection
  • Lightweight: they are not the lightest in the market, but they are light enough.
  • Midsole: includes rope guards which prevent it from being damaged during climbs
  • 4 mm heel-to-toe drop: your feet will be in a more-or-less natural position while enjoying cushioning for high-impact exercises.

These shoes are definitely worth trying for those doing CrossFit programs. They have been especially designed for all CrossFit exercises and offer great durability, performance and support. Consider getting these shoes unless you are more of the running type.

New Balance 20v5

New Balance offers a great option for those who follow CrossFit programs. The New Balance 20v5 Vibram Minimus are one of the best shoes that have been designed for this kind of workouts. These minimalist shoes provide a stable platform. Here you have the main features that will make you want them:

  • Vibram outsole: it provides maximum surface contact and multi-directional traction, ideal for rope climbs.
  • No-sew material application: there is no stitching to rub and they might be worn with or without socks.

If you are looking for a pair of shoes for your indoor workouts, or even for mid-distance running, the New Balance Minimus 20v5 are a perfect fit for you. Make sure that you are looking for a minimalist shoe, and give it a try. It will not disappoint you!

Vibram Men’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoe

The Vibram Men’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoes are designed for fitness and/or running. These shoes have been manufactured to provide protection from hazards on the ground while allowing the feet to move and respond naturally. This is quite different from other shoes which offer extra protection and cushioning. Keep reading about the features of these unique shoes.

  • Zero drop: if you are looking for something that offers you a barefoot feel, these shoes are the most appropriate ones.
  • Five toe slots: each of your toes has its own compartment.
  • Ice trek outsole: it has the ability to grip any surface you may be working out. These shoes will not let you slip or lose your footing.

If you are willing to take some time to get used to them, these shoes will replicate the feel and posture of being barefoot, which is why so many CrossFitters have them as their personal favorite. One of the best feature of this shoe is it is machine washable.

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