Best Band Saw for the Money: Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

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A band saw is one of the craftsman’s best tools. It comes in various designs to serve different cutting needs, and choosing the best one can be overwhelming. This guide will help you find the best band saws for the money out there. The product reviews below highlight the key features and components that make them stand out from the rest.

Top 7 Best Band Saw for the Money

Rikon 10-305 10-inch Band SawWith Fence

The Rikon 10-inch band saw works great as a full-size cutting tool without the bulky body. Craftsmen, especially those with limited space, will benefit from this tool because of its compact design and its professional-grade features. The unit includes a large cast iron cutting table, a 1/3 horsepower induction motor, edge-facing thrust bearings, and a 4-5/8 cutting capacity. These features were added to make your cutting experience precise and easy.

Rikon also offers an optional stand for improved functionality, while the paddle switch allows for enhanced safety. This 10-inch band saw delivers high-quality cutting performance for a budget-friendly price. Its durable construction ensures that you will be able to use it for several years, and its design lets you operate it with ease.

SKIL 3386-01 9-inch

This tool is capable of handling light to medium cutting jobs. It is the perfect band saw for cutting irregular shapes, and tearing lumber into slim sheets. Ripping through various wooden materials will be easier with this band saw because of its 6-TPI blade. The rack and table are adjustable to match the woodworker’s height. Furthermore, this SKIL band saw has LED lighting to illuminate the whole bench, allowing the user to work with ease.

The adjustable Rip Fence serves as a guide in making straight cuts. When cutting in crosses and curves, the miter gauge can be useful. The dust port will keep your workplace clean, which you can attach to a vacuum horse. With so many good features to offer, this SKIL band saw is definitely worth a shot.

Dewalt DWM120K 5-inch

The Dewalt five-inch portable band saw promises ease-of-use and quality performance, thanks to its impressive motor with 120 volts of power. It allows you to work at your desired speed, as well, ranging between 350-100sfm. The casing, controls, and motor are all made of high-quality materials to make the band saw last for years. There is an integrated hook that allows you to hang the unit when not in use.

The hardened cutting blade can cut through even the toughest material. Its blade tracking system makes work more convenient, while the blade change lever and blade rollers allow for quick changing. Best of all, the LED light illuminates your area, maintaining work efficiency even in poor lighting conditions.

JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw

This 14-inch Jet band saw is designed to accommodate woodworkers who always face the most tedious jobs. It no longer requires a riser block as it comes with a large cast iron frame for improved performance and power. In addition, this saw has a high tension spring feature and other innovative technologies that guarantee a productive day.

This saw is designed to provide the most features and help improve a cutter’s job performance. It has a cutting depth of 90 inches, a blade size of 93-1051/8-3/8, and over 12 different cutting angles. There is also a 12-inch built-in re-saw that takes on larger wooden pieces, as well as a dual-speed poly-V-belt drive system. With such features, you will see that this Jet band saw can deliver.

Powertec BS900 9-inch Band Saw

The Powertec BS900 is popular for its safety and power. It is made from steel and aluminum die casting to ensure durability. Its hardened blade is equipped with an adjustable guard for quick replacement. The whole package comes with a working bench with a tilting pinion and an adjustable rack.

With a 1/2-horsepower motor, this band saw can cut through wooden pieces, regardless of hardness. It even has a blade lever that makes it easier for you to make adjustments or simply prevent an emergency. Overall, the Powertec BS900 will work best for people who want flexibility, performance, and durability in one.

Grizzly G0555X

This band saw is popular for its easy and quick assembly process. It only needs some alignment and minimal tweaks, and you are ready to start working on your project. The unit is made of high-quality cast iron wheels for a smooth run and a clean cutting job.

One of its best features would be its cast iron frame that offers plenty of advantages. This material is known for its strength and rigidity, minimizing the frame’s vibration for a precise and smooth cutting experience. The only possible downside would be the body’s weight. It is a little heavier than many of the others models on the list because of its cast iron construction, but this should not be a big deal.

Jet JWBS-10OS 10-Inch Band Saw with Stand

This Jet band saw offers professional-grade cutting without taking too much space on your work area. This 10-inch band saw is perfect for those who want a less bulky, but functional tool. It features a quick-release blade tension, an extra large cast iron tilting table, upper and lower ball bearing blade guides, and an LED work light. It guarantees precision and convenience without the hefty size.

This tool has a compact structure, but is capable of providing impressive results. It has 110 volts of power, and a size of Furthermore, this band saw can handle even the toughest cutting jobs. If you find your project too difficult for this small band saw, then you are wrong. Customers praise its proficient cutting power and its smart design. Created using the most durable materials, this Jet band saw can get your job done.


A band saw is an essential tool for woodworkers. You can do so many things with a band saw to make your cutting jobs easier and more convenient. Manufacturers designed today’s band saw with durability, safety, and precision in mind.

If you find band saw shopping a daunting task, the product reviews above can help make your purchasing decision easier. We picked these models based on customer reviews and their features to help you narrow down your search. Whether you use it for professional or personal use, a good quality band saw can definitely get your job done with ease and precision.

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