5 Best Affordable Spotting Scope for Target Shooting 2022

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If you are at a shooting range and aiming, then what you need is an excellent spotting scope. The scope must be able to function efficiently at long distance ranges. Also it should be clear enough to see the holes on the paper. If you can find this scope, then, your dual goals are met.

We have picked 5 best affordable spotting scopes that will meet your requirements. So take a closer look as you might find just what you need. Remember, there are qualities like navigation, clarity, ease and price that you have to think about before picking something for your shooting weekend.

5 Best Affordable Spotting Scope 2019

Leupold SX-1 Ventana 2

For quick navigation, we highly recommend Leupold SX-1 Ventana 2 spotting scope for you. It is one of the best in the market with a well-sized 60mm objective lens and a wide 15-45x magnification capability. It features Leupold’s Multicoat 4 treated optics constructed ruggedly for water, fog and shock resistance. This scope is 1.91 lbs light and measures 13.5” long.

The scope has twistable eye cups which you can either twist down or up for better viewing most especially for people who wear eyeglasses. The lens is retractable and comes handy when shooting under the glaring sun. Its exclusive nitrogen fill process adds to the scope’s quality performance as well as durability.

The scope’s focus knob adjusts smoothly but since it is bigger in size, you would need a sturdy tripod to keep it stable to maintain a perfect shot even in windy conditions.


Redfield Rampage 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope Kit

With a 60mm objective lens and magnification of a maximum 20-60x, the Redfield Rampage is one of the best. It has a ruggedly engineered construction but very light at 5.1 lbs. This full-sized spotting scope for target shooting measures a good 16 inches. It features fully multi-coated optics which allows for brightness protection and very crisp images. Like other good types of scopes, it is water and fog proof. Moreover, it comes with a table-top tripod, a case strap, and a lens cover.

Eye cups are twistable depending on users’ preference but some complained that the eye relief is short enough to accommodate use of safety glasses or goggles. Many shooters observed that the tripod held up in a stable manner. However, some say that upon maximum magnification, there’s a slight change of image seen.

BARSKA Blackhawk 18-36×50 Straight Spotting Scope

This 18-36×50 spotting scope is fitted with a green lens and comes with a tripod and a case which is very convenient when used at shooting ranges out of town. It is fully fog-proof and waterproof to maintain target even during difficult climate conditions.

The BARSKA Blackhawk 18-36×50 full-size spotting scope has multi-coated optics that provides you with excellent light transmission. It has a rubber coated housing that protects it from shock and other untoward exposure from accidental dropping. Measuring 17.5” in length and weighing a lightweight 3.1 lbs, this is a perfect item for those who frequent the range.

Its lighter weight enables you to use other compact tripods aside from its accompanying tripod. This scope can focus well on 23 feet and gets a perfect view of 137 feet; a versatile feature that makes it among the best in its category.

The only negative side of this scope is that the front lens cover does not fit properly. Which is a very minimal issue for target shooters.

Konus 7122 20x-60x100mm Spotting Scope with Case

The Konus 7122 20x-60x100mm Spotting Scope has the right illumination, clarity, sharpness. The exit pupil and eye relief are another two important features that all shooters are looking for. It has a 20-60×100 zoom magnification capacity and comes with a camera adapter and a carrying case perfect for weekends at a shooting range resort. You can have a perfect field view at 1000 meters with this 18.8” spotting scope which is highly preferred by many shooters.

Loss of illumination during maximum magnification is imminent with some scopes but with the Konus, it comes barely noticeable. There is no need to position your eye farther from the exit pupil if you are wearing glasses. Because you can still have a clear view of your target.

During our test we have experienced slight rainbow-ish discoloration at 60x magnification. This can happen due to wether and outdoor lights which is not really a problem. Take note: This does not come with a tripod if you’re looking to have one.

ALPEN Rainier 20-60×80 HD ED Spotting Scope

This Alpen Rainier 20-60×80 HD ED spotting scope is fog-proofed waterproofed for convenience and easy visibility. It features BAK4 high index SHR metallic prisms, ED, HD, and the UBX Fully multi-coated optics. This 20-60x zoom eyepiece won the Editor’s Choice Award during the Outdoor Life Magazine’s Gear Test and highly applauded by many long range shooters. With a wide 80mm lens, it powers very shooter down the range. Its high definition glass provides users with crisply detailed target and outstanding visual clarity.

The objective lens it uses is not that huge but it allows ample amount of light that makes you see even in dimmer conditions. Since this is a full-sized spotting scope, you need to use a strong and stable tripod for support. With excellent ED and HD glass, it is one of the best buys but somehow, it is also expensive.


From these spotting scopes, pretty sure, you have found one that fits your requirement. So, we wish you good luck on your next shooting at the range.

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