Best CrossFit Gloves for Pull Ups & Rope Climbing 2022

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Using the right gloves will be very useful while working out since they will be offering protection and enhancing performance. Make sure you get a good pair of CrossFit gloves for pull ups, rope-climbing and many other CrossFit exercises.

While you follow a CrossFit workout you may find it handy to wear gloves. They should not only bear the high intensity workouts but also shield your hand against calluses or palm burns. Bear all this in mind when choosing your CrossFit gloves. Before purchasing any gloves, check the following:

  • Does it sustain the grip at all times?
  • Can it absorb heat and sweat?
  • Can you afford it?

If all three answers are positive, then you just found yourself a good pair of CrossFit gloves. Here we give you an overview on some of the best gloves available at the market. Do not forget the three key questions, judge for yourself and get equipped.

First of all, let’s have a look at what Reebok has to offer regarding CrossFit gloves.

3 Best CrossFit Gloves for Pull Ups & Rope Climbing

Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support

Once you are past the beginner phase in CrossFit you may want to look for better gloves specifically designed for CrossFit. Not all fitness gloves are suitable for all kinds of grips, and some of them lack in palm protection. However, these Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves perform nicely for more grips. They also feel comfortable during WOD and deliver great protection.


  • Comes with extra leather and silicone padding to protect calluses.
  • Integrated weightlifting wrist wraps to ensure extra grip for pull ups & rope climbing.

Even though Reebok has proved to be one of the most popular brands in the market, when it comes to CrossFit gloves, there are many other options that you can have a look at. Check some of the most popular among CrossFitters below.

Cross Training Gloves by ProFitness

ProFitness Cross Training Gloves have been designed especially for cross training. They combine comfort, style, value and durability. If you are using them for lifts, you will enjoy its great cushioning. These gloves come with reinforced silicone padded palms which gives you better grips and control.

When doing pull ups, you will find their grip better than others. Besides, answering our second question, these gloves offer nice breathability. Choose among the five available colors, try them on a demanding WOD and you will understand why these CrossFit gloves are so popular among CrossFitters.

Bionic Men’s Full Finger Fitness Gloves

If you are looking for protection for your hands and fingers during your CrossFit workouts, then Bionic Men’s Full Finger Fitness Gloves might be a good choice. Their palm, fingers and thumbs are padded to avoid blisters and calluses.

Unlike other gloves in this list. Bionic gloves are full-finger. CrossFitters seem to be delighted with the performance of these gloves, especially their ability to prevent injuries. They offer a wide range of features such as:

  • Great breathability: to prevent bad odors
  • Suitable for lifting and pull ups
  • Good padding

On the other hand, it must be noted that excessive sweat can make the glove slippery on the inside, thus making the grip less comfortable.

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