Best Miter Saw for Homeowner: The Ultimate Buying Guide 2022

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If you’re planning to pursue carpentry, perhaps flexing a bit of muscle around the shed, or if you like chopping stuff up with really clean cuts, chances are, one of the most important tools you should own in your workshop is a miter saw.

For all professional carpenters, the miter saw was designed to cut at a wide array of angles, that’s why it’s a must-have.

Have you ever cut a perfect 45 degree cut with a hand saw? Didn’t think so. You need a specialized tool for that. Like a miter saw.

But then again, it’s essential to note that you should not resort to impulsive buying and purchasing that first model you saw. As youd expect, there are in fact various models of mitre saws, so what should you be looking for when buying a good mitre saw?

Miter Saw Buying Guide

If you’re seriously considering carpentry, a good quality miter saw makes a brilliant long-term investment. You should know what to look for as some of these features would be easily seen upon your close inspection like its design, ergonomics, versatility and design.

Compound sliding mitre saws are normally the best options if you’re a regular user since these mitre saws make it effortless to perform a wider cutting range. There are also some mitre saws which also come with a lots of extras in order to provide easy to use maintenance for a vast number of projects.

  • However, some details that can be less noticeable during that initial inspection. Things to consider such as:
  • How durable it is for the user?
  • Is it even easy to set up or assemble
  • Warranty look for 12 months minimum
  • Does it have a double clamp to grip wood and free your hands up when cutting?
  • Weight you’ll often want to move your saw around. The lighter the better for this
  • Dust collection/extraction system really is a mus-have
  • Power 1200W+ is ideal
  • Cutting depth 60mm is fairly standard
  • Light a useful feature is an integrated light to enable clear viewing when outside light is dim
  • Laser perfect for seeing exactly where the blade is coming down

Now, you got a couple of ways to answer these important queries: a) you need to find out the answers for yourself, and b) to discover what the long time users feedback about a certain brand of miter saw. Amazon is the perfect place to head for an idea of user experience with any given product. Just check out the average user ratings and written reviews as they’re the best indicator of product quality.

Best Miter Saw for Homeowner (Our Recommendation)

Metabo KGS 216 typically priced at almost $600, this miter saw is very flexible as it comes with numerous add-ons you need to purchase separately for some other models. It is highly enhanced for outdoor purposes and is fantastic for both semi-professionals and those DIYers as well.

Evolution Rage 3+ is one of the best alternatives for DIYers, this miter saw normally costs $400, enables users to create the most precise of cuts. It cuts through wood, plastic and metal. The best part about it is that, it comes with a 3-year warranty as compared to some other low range miter saw models.

Summing Up

Like I said at the top, if you’re the kind of guy that likes to cut stuff up, or if you are genuinely in need of a saw to cut straight edges and quickly, a miter saw is a perfect addition to your power tool collection.

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