Best Rotary Shaver for Sensitive Skin

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You are a businessman who wants to cut sharp impressions, you need a well shaved face to complement your smart wear. You are always moving from one city to another, country to country and your beard is ever threatening to cover up your entire visage! Do you have a soft sensitive skin or any other reason? You need a perfect shaver that will meet your need.

You may find it quite difficult to identify a great shaver among the hundreds that saturate the world market today, especially if you are always on a tight schedule. In order to avoid trial and error, here is a reliable guide to select the best rotary shaver for you. The ultra modern shavers – powered by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries or AC driven solenoids, come in different designs and shapes. Some have single blades, some double while others have triple foil heads. Find the best one for you with our comparison guide.

What to Consider?

Just like any good shaver, it is important to look for value for money. Below are some of the considerations you need to make before settling on any particular shaver. Everyone wants a shaver that will shave efficiently, quickly and comfortably. As a result, you may consider:

The texture of the beard

Individuals with coarse beards need the rather costly triple foil shaver because it has the capability of cutting more hair in fewer passes especially for the resistant hair. The double foil shaver clears hair with its more scrupulous cuts and hence stops it from lying back on the skin. For men with regular beards, the single foil shaver is the ideal choice since it cuts the hair evenly.

Is it a travel shaver or is it meant for the home bathroom?

It is worth noting that Jacob Schick, who is remembered in history for creating the first dry shaver, was a traveler. He shaved dry because it is fast and easy. Some other traveler may prefer the wet shaver because it is more gentle to your skin. In the same manner, every traveler has different preferences, for instance, countries have different voltage ratings and so a flexible shaver will be a good idea. Travel shavers should be easy to ‘pack and go’. They should also have batteries that are easy to find anywhere, and hence the necessity of the rechargeable batteries which can be easily recharged anywhere in the world.

Revolutions Per Minute (RPM)

The higher the number of vibrations per minute, the more the comfort. This affects the pull on the hair — more vibrations, little or no pull on hair, meaning maximum comfort. Since the movement of the floating head is in tandem with the facial contours, guesswork is completely kept out of the art of shaving. There are hundreds of models spanning a wide range of manufacturers of varied qualities of shavers. Sourcing for the most appropriate shaver can be quite an uphill task.

Did you know that the first rotary shaver was developed by the Philips company in the Netherlands, as early as 1928? It therefore follows that Philips shavers can only feature among the best. Among the many models that Philips has developed over time, below is a review of three of Philips’ post modern electric shavers available on the market today.

Philips Norelco PT730 PowerTouch

The Philips Norelco PT730 is one of the series 3000 shavers. It is specially designed to give men the smoothest and quickest shave. It is sleek with its double blade system. One of the blades lifts the hair while the other one cuts it. This capability allows this shaver to get really close to the skin. The Lithium ion battery in the power-touch shaver allows it to operate for forty minutes after a charging period of eight hours

Another very crucial feature of the Philips Norelco PT730 is its flex action heads which make it possible to contour the facial curves. It is amazing to note that the head of this Philips shaver is waterproof! This means that it can simply be cleaned directly under a tap of running water, soon after use, to keep it clean. The makers of this shaver recommend that even though the parts are replaceable, they need not be replaced before two years.


The strong Philips SensoTouch electric shaver is steady, strong model that is carefully designed to protect the extra sensitive skins. It is rechargeable takes one hour to charge fully and can remain operational for up to forty minutes. This means that it allows the user to spend as much time as he wishes shaving to obtain the desired effect.
This model of Norelco is most suitably designed for keeping away stubble. The easy to operate design also makes it much easier to maintain a smooth and soft skin. This appliance helps the user to avoid tender skin breakouts because of its mechanism is as far as shaving goes – gentle. It is cordless and thus very convenient for use. It has an LED display, a low battery indicator and cleaning indicator. All these indicators enable interaction with the user. What is more is that it can be cleaned after use without the feat of rust.


The Philips 6948 brings to the user a unique closeness, insurmountable quality and first class shaving experience that anyone ever expects from Philip’s norelco brands. This model is renowned for its close, smoother shave with less or no irritation of the skin however sensitive. Its flexing heads automatically adjust to every individual facial contour and remove each and every hair strand right from its root.
This is the greatest convenience any man of the shaving age wishes to derive from a shaver. It becomes quite convenient as a travel shaver because it is both wet and dry, it has both quick time and full time recharge capabilities, but most remarkably, it can remain in operation for up to thirty minutes, hence providing considerable convenience.

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