5 Best Survival Knife in the World: Buying Guide & Reviews 2022

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Are you looking for buying a good survival knife? Did you know that having a good one in the wilderness can make all the difference between making your experience a great one and a good one. You’ll often find that there are many uses for one, so its always better to find the best survival knife based on your needs.

Your knife will come in handy in many situations and to mention a few: cutting the ropes to make your shed, cut the wood to fuel your fire and help you find our grub.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Survival Knife.

1. Full Tang Blade

The tang is the back portion of a knife blade where it extends into or is connected to the handle. A full tang blade extends to the full length of the handle , versus a partial tang which does not. A full tang knife is much more robust than partial tang styles such as the half tang, push tang, or rat-tail tang. Its but obvious that this gives a knife more strength than a partial tang. A knife with a partial tang is generally joint or fixed with the handle and can easily break under highly stressful situations. Always opt for a full tang survival knife as theyre of better quality and wont break when you need them the most!

2. Comfortable Handle

The handle of a knife needs to be comfortably sized and should fit the shape of your hand. You should be able to get a good grip of the knife and a bulge at the back prevents the knife from easily slipping out of your hands. The material used to make knife handles can range from carbon fiber, steel, wood, rubber and just about every type of material imaginable, ranging from the very weird to exceptionally nice looking and practical. The best ones are made of Kraton, G10 and Mycarta.

The design of the handle is another factor to look for a rounded or hooked handle is not ideal for hammering. A well-designed and substantial handle only adds to your list of capabilities in a survival situation

3. Blade (Metal, Thickness & Length)

A survival knife is generally made of Stainless steel or carbon steel. The best variety of steel is high carbon stainless steel and the thickness of the blade should be around 3/16 -4/16 of an inch. You should opt for the fat blades as the thin ones generally fail under pressure.

The length of the blade should be around 4-6 inches which is ideal for the perfect survival knife. Anything more than this might turn out be a hindrance rather than a tool. Also, a large knife is hard to carry around and weighs more, also it can’t be used for detailed work.

4. Type of Blade

There is a huge debate on whether to opt for a straight blade, serrated blade or a partially serrated blade. In general, the plain edge is better than the serrated for push cuts and serrated better for slicing cuts.

A straight blade knife will work better for chopping wood and is much easier to sharpen. And if youre in wilderness even a smooth stone can be used to sharpen the straight blade while serrated ones may require a special sharpener. So, for the survivor its always better to opt for straight blade ones.

5. Sheath

A knife sheath is a very important piece of equipment as it helps you carry your knife around easily. It protects both you and your knife and is generally made up of strong material like leather or kydex.

Good to have features in a sheath are:

  • Some type of hole or attachment piece at the lower end of the sheath which can be used for strapping the knife to your leg, on the belt or onto a backpack
  • Does the sheath come with a belt loop? Does the knife handle itself have a hole for a lanyard?
  • How does the sheath close around the knife? A crossover strap right where the handle meets the sheath is best.

5 Best Survival Knife in the World

5. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

The Ka-Bar has a great reputation for making awesome knives. The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 has been designed by Ethan Becker, is a mountain climber, chef, and survivalist. It is one of the best survival knives in the industry and can hold up to a lot of use. It has a full blade which is made of 1095 cro-van steel which can easily split wood for a survival or camping fire. The blade length is 5.5 inches with the overall knife being 10 inches and it will serve most situations you may find yourself in. The handle comes made of grivory material which gives a solid grip.

It comes with a sheath which is made of kydes, that is probably the best in the world. The sheath seems to hold the knife very secure once it is locked in place and allows for plenty of different ways to strap it to you belt of pack.

It’s made in the USA and considering the quality, durability and design of the knife it makes it rough and tough enough to handle all situations for you while you’re in the wilderness.

4. Schrade SCHF3 Extreme Survival Full Tang Partially Serrated Clip Point Fixed Blade

The Schrade SCHF3 Extreme Survival Knife has a full blade and is a little on the heavier side but that gives it a good grip. You would easily be able to chop a few small tress and bushes without stressing the knife too much or losing your energy to make your way swiftly through the wild forest.

The size of the knife is 12.0 inch making it a pretty large one and comes with a heavy blade which is what you should generally look out for while buying a good knife. The blade has a small serration at the which is about 2 inches in length and can be useful in many situations when you’re out there in the wild. The handle is well constructed and can easily act as a hammer to pin down a new fails when you need it to.

The nylon sheath is pretty decent and the snap fastens securely and the strap is not loose.

3. Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife, Green

The Gerber LMF II infantry knife has an overall length of 10.59 inches with a little shorter blade at 4.8 inches. The blade has a serration that is an additional feature that not many knives offer.

The blade is made up of 420HC stainless steel which is really very solid which was designed by a former military man and does a fine job in cutting firewood and building a shelter making a perfect knife for your outdoor camping trips.

The handle has a Soft-Grip Overmold over a Hard Substrate giving it a pretty good grip. The sheath is very nice and the knife makes a tight fit on it as it has two retention straps. It comes with a built in sharpener that can really be a very useful feature if your knife blade gets work out during use when you’re out there in the wild.

It is made in USA and being a product from Gerber you can be rest assured about the quality you’re going to get.

2. Cold Steel SRK Kraton Handle Concealex Sheath

The Cold Steel SRK Kraton is a true classic beauty and made from AUS 8A stainless-steel blade which is made to last for sure. The knife comes with a 6 inch long blade which is recommended for a great knife. The rubbery, checked Kraton handle gives a secure grip under wet or greasy circumstances and a coat of Teflon is applied on the handle for a better grip even during rough weather. The knife has a very thick blade and can almost cut through anything.

The knife has a very simple design and is a full blade which means the handle and blade steel are one solid piece of metal from tip to butt and is the strongest blade handle construction technique. The knife comes along with a sheath which is made of kydex, which is the best material you can have for a sheath.

This knife is made in USA and comes across as a very good buy.

1. SOG Force Fixed Blade SE38-N

This Force Fixed Blade SE38-N knife from SOG comes with a very thick blade and has a very sturdy and strong design. The knife blade is 6 inch long and has the toughest blade shapes.

The knifes handle is ergonomically shaped and contoured with a textured handle to prevent slipping, and is crafted with glass-reinforced nylon. The blade and the knife has an awesome looking black finish.

It comes with a partial serrated blade which is 2 inches long and can be used in many ways during your camping trips. The sheath as well is really very impressive and has the perfect amount of resistance and also ease of draw.

It is slightly on the higher side but well worth the price if you want a simple design knife that can easily get the job done on hand.


If you’re looking for the best survival knife but still not found the one based on your needs, you should always look for a full tang high quality one that will last you for a long time to come. Most of the good knives weve listed above comes with a limited lifetime warranty and will suit your different needs

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