Rolair FC2002 2 HP Air Compressor Reviews 2022

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since you’re here, I believe you’re looking for the best value air compressor. I know that sounds a little daunting especially since the market is pretty saturated with different brands and types of air compressors. We all don’t want to spend money on air compressors that don’t deliver to their promises, right? If you’re like most people, you’d want to have an air compressor that’s sturdily
built, can easily be transported and packs impressive power to allow you to work without any issues.

Rolair FC2002 REVIEWS

The good thing is I am about to review the Rolair FC2002 2 HP Twin Stack Compressor with Overload Protection and Manual Reset which I think holds up fairly as best value air compressor. The definition for a best value air compressor may vary from one individual to another, but if you are going to base it on the air compressors most important features like price, performance, portability and power, you will find Rolair FC2002 to easily fall on these criteria.


This air compressor has been nicknamed as The Bull, and that is because it delivers excellent performance of 4.1 CFM at 90 PSI that delivers continuous operation. It peaks at 125 PSI which is still fairly excellent given its price. And while it is easy to assume that this air compressor may be small for heavy duty use, it should be emphasized that it packs an impressive 2.0 horsepower. That means that while this air compressor may be small in size compared to others in the market, it can deliver as much power and performance to efficiently aid in your home improvement projects.


One might liken the Rolair FC2002 to twin hotdogs because that’s basically how this air compressor looks like. It weights 68 lbs and it measures 20x15x17 inches. The weight may seem like too much for easy transport, but the company has strategically placed the carrying handle on the center which helps in balancing and efficient transporting of the air compressor. This makes the Rolair FC2002 easy to use and relocate for different home improvement projects. The center handle makes up for the absence of wheels that most air compressors have and that makes Rolair FC2002 fairly portable.


Performance plays a crucial role in choosing air compressors and Rolair FC2002 holds up great in this department. In fact, there’s a good reason why Rolair named it as The Bull: it can operate almost continuously without slugging down as far as performance is concerned. Rolair FC2002’s top notch performance also makes the air compressor for almost all your air tool needs and requirements! Plus, it comes with overload protection so you have no fear of running down your air compressing or abusing it too much while you work.


Noise is an issue for many homeowners and contractors and this is something everyone would want to stay away with in choosing air compressors. Rolair FC2002 has low noise level at 80db. You might be able to find quieter air compressors, but it operates relatively quietly that you won’t disturb neighbors as you work on your home improvement projects.


Rolair FC2002 features an oil-based pump with stainless steel reed valves, heavy-duty ball bearings and built-in overload protection. Meanwhile, the compressor is protected by cast iron cylinders against damages. Since the pump is oil-based, the compressor requires lesser maintenance and is deemed to be longer-lasting than its oil-free counterparts.


The Rolair FC2002 2 HP Twin Stack Compressor with Overload Protection and Manual Reset is suitable to almost all types of users: from a homeowner who loves to DIY to professional home improvement contractors. From doing roof work, inflating tires to nailing jobs, it can be expected that this air compressor will deliver. For professional home improvement contractors, this might seem small but it can be a great option for working in mid-size homes and most indoor home improvement jobs.


The Rolair FC2002 is an excellent choice for various home improvement projects where a durable, heavy-duty and efficient air compressor is required. It has been intelligently designed for easy balancing and transportation and it holds up well for continuous operations. You might also appreciate the fact that this air compressor can start quickly even in cold weather and it is made of durable cast iron which is still fairly portable to handle.

It is also manufactured by a reputable air compressor company, Rolair, which boasts of almost five decades of experience and innovations in this industry.


The Rolair FC2002 is not the quietest air compressor so if noise is a serious issue, you might find this to be an inconvenience. Also, if you still think that the air compressor is not light enough, you might want to opt for ones that have wheels rather than having to drag the air compressor with its center handle from one point to another.


The Rolair FC2002 2 HP Twin Stack Compressor with Overload Protection and Manual Reset stands fairly well as a best value air compressor in different aspects: price point, performance, durability and build. It may not be the quietest, but it does emit decently lesser noise than other air compressors. Admittedly though, there are other air compressors that are much quieter. But if you’re going to look at it in the perspectives of performance, portability and material, it can’t be denied that Rolair FC2002 2 HP Twin Stack Compressor with Overload Protection and Manual Reset does make a great option.

The Rolair FC2002 2 HP Twin Stack Compressor with Overload Protection and Manual Reset is enough to help in most home improvement jobs, but it might not be a great fit if you have large scale home improvement projects.

It is light and portable enough to be carried from one location to another; it is powerful enough to perform air compressor jobs efficiently and overall; it is considered affordable enough given its many advantages. I hope this value air compressor will help you in your next project.


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