10 Best Car Wash Soap for Black Cars: Buying Guide & Reviews 2022

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Best Car Wash Soap for Black CarsCars have to be washed weekly as suggested by the experts. And if you own a black car probably you want the best car wash soap on the market for maximum shine.

But sometimes, we tend to forget to use the right solutions that result to so many issues like ruining the paint, destroying its gloss that would have looked nice for a certain period of time, and allowing rust to set in.

With these problems in mind, black car owners like you must be doubly sure of what you lay their hands on. In your effort to clean the car, you may be putting your vehicle closer to premature aging resulting from using detergents or liquids that you use to clean the dishes.

Worry Not! We have have done the research for you and pick the top 10 best car wash soap for black cars.

Quick Comparison

Our Ratings
Meguiar's G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash
Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Wash Soap and Shampoo
Chemical Guys – Maxi-Suds II Super Suds Car Wash Soap & Shampoo

Features You Should Consider

We can talk about dealing with the wrong kinds of wash soaps for the car but first, let us take on the different types available. Different types of cleaning solutions for your car are sold in the market and they come in liquid and gas forms which are capable of cleaning different surface types like painted or glass surfaces.

Where to use these washing measures is another aspect. We usually use these applications inside or outside of the car—or both. Slickness level of the wash soaps also vary from low, to medium to high. Scents may vary depending on brand strategy.

Below are some of the features that consumers are looking for when shopping for the best car wash soap:

  • Has high resistance to dirt
  • Easy to use
  • Helps condition paint
  • Applicable by hand
  • Safe to use
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Streak-free
  • Generates more high suds
  • Easy to remove
  • Has the right pH balance
  • Contains gloss enhancing properties
  • Capable of lubrication while being used

Here’s an amazing video tutorial on how to take care of black cars:

As individuals differ in preferences, naturally, these wash soaps differ as well. You can never find a solution that has all these qualities. They were created for specific purposes. Owning more than a couple of the points mentioned means the buyers hit the jackpot. Now, let us see what the top brands say about themselves.

Best Car Wash Soap for Black Cars: Our Top 10 Picks

Meguiar’s G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash, 128 fl. oz, 1 Pack

This Meguiar’s G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash is a cleaner and conditioner rolled into one. Now, there’s some savings in there. Lubrication is a natural feature of this advanced formula that does not allow stripping the car’s wax seal. It is capable of removing grime, tough dirt and other contaminants that may stick on the car’s exterior.

It produces high suds which is an essential ingredient people look for in washing solutions. However, this solution is used with water. It is advisable to use the two-bucket system of cleaning for optimal results.


Chemical Guys CWS_402 Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Wash Soap and Shampoo (1 Gal)

Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Wash Soap and Shampoo by Chemical Guys has a neutral pH balance made for gentle use. Slickness is on a high level that averts any form of scratches after rinsing. It is perfect for the 2-bucket wash or when using foam gun and rinses with no residue left on the car surface.

This gentle cleaning soap and shampoo has super polymers contained in its suds that remove grime and other dirt build-up. It does not peel off wax that acts as covering for your car surface.


Chemical Guys CWS101 – Maxi-Suds II Super Suds Car Wash Soap & Shampoo

Maxi-Suds II Super Suds Car Wash & Shampoo is highly characterized by its name. It produces extremely thick suds capable of stripping off dirt and grime on the car surface without taking away sealants or wax coating. Easy to use outside or under a shaded area, it is made of water softeners that aim to reduce streaks or spots after rinsing.

This state-of-the-art cleaning application does not only prove effective in removing dirt; it is very gentle and has natural ingredients. It was engineered to generate the highest number of suds which makes it easy in cleaning any kind of vehicles.


MOTHERS 05632 California Gold Car Wash – 1 Gal

The MOTHERS 05632 California Gold Car Wash cleaning solution is regarded by many as the best in cleaning dull paint. It shines without taking away the wax overlay and at best, it complements the wax coating. Water spot issues are unheard of when using Mothers 05632 California Gold Car Wash.

The pH balanced formula packs power into the soap to enable faster removal of grimes from the vehicle surface. That is why this car wash solution is favorite among black car owners.


Griot’s Garage 10866 Car Wash

Griots Garage 10866 provides a brilliant effect and compatible with almost all paint finishes. It has an easy-to-pour spout that prevents spills. This biodegradable solution includes its own measuring scale to ensure the right amount of cleaning soap is used; makes you save more.

Soap lathers well and leaves car exterior with shiny and rich color. Its slippery consistency makes it impossible to leave scratches on the car paint. Another positive characteristic of this solution is it acts as protection from contaminants.


Armor All Ultra Shine Wash and Wax

Armor All Ultra Shine Wash & Wax has been in the market and has become popular over several decades. It is capable of creating a mirror-like shine during the washing process and lifts away dirt which causes swirls and scratches.

As its name implies, it protects the car from the sun and environmental factors that lead onlookers to believe your car has just come home from the desert. After each wash, it leaves the black cars with a radiant finish.


Turtle Wax T-472R ICE Car Wash

Just like Armor All, Turtle Wax had been around for so long and had become a byword in every home. Ice Car Wash is pH balanced that helps in neutralizing contaminants within the environment. This makes it easy to remove extra grime from vehicle surfaces. It is made from the safest ingredients gentle enough to serve the needs of sensitive automotive finishes.

Foam produced by this washing formula is rich and slippery that act to loosen abrasive deposits. It also prevents further soils from forming back on the paint finish. Formula comes with a special gloss enhancer to create a newly-waxed look.


Chemical Guys CWS_102 Wash and Wax Car Shampoo with Gloss

This fruit-based Chemical Guys CWS_102 Wash and Wax Car Shampoo with Gloss is formulated from citrus extracts and preferred by many car owners who want to wash their own cars. Gentle to the hands, gentle to the car, as well as gentle to the environment, this soap concentrate is best to use with a foam gun.

This application can be also used for high concentration washing and perfect for stripping off earlier protection coatings. It is usually combined with a gloss enhancer to create a newer and smoother finish. Cars that have not been maintained for a while gets propped up like new!


Meguiar’s D11001 Hyper-Wash – 1 Gallon

The Meguiar’s D11001 Hyper-Wash produces rich and long-lasting foam that provides for easy removal of dirt and any other kind of spots within the car’s surface. This biodegradable formula is known to generate high forming suds. It is most ideal to use when mixing or metering systems as it promotes deep shine and rich glossy effect.

This solution can use 640 gallons of water per gallon bottle which means, there’s plenty of wash time that saves users some money in the long run.


Duragloss 901 Red Car Wash Concentrate

Duragloss 901 Red Car Wash is capable of enhancing colored cars and shines while it cleans. It does not leave streaks and spots after usage. The solution that generates cherry-scented suds is non-acidic and non-alkaline and will not remove wax coating or capable of drying out paint. It has a special ingredient that leaves the surface to dry easily.

This is an excellent choice for many car owners as it only requires an ounce for every 3 gallons of water. For heavily-soiled vehicles, it is advisable to use a stronger concentration in order to eliminate tar and oil. This can also be used to power foam guns and other professional car wash equipment.


Final Words:

Selecting the best car wash soap for black cars will protect your car from unwanted damage which  may cause you to spend more in the long haul. So give your dish washing soaps a break—they belong to the kitchen.

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