Best Arm/Knee Sleeves & Wrist Wraps for CrossFit

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If you already have your CrossFit apparel, your shoes and your gloves you are ready to start your Crossfit program. However, some extras may come in handy. CrossFitters have different taste and exercise differently. Therefore, not all accessories are made for everyone. We will now list the most popular among men. Have a look at them, try them and you may end up finding it impossible to follow your WOD without some of these items. Perhaps you will not find them useful, but it is worth trying.

Protect your Wrists!

There are two options, depending on whether you want to give your wrists an extra protection or you want to improve your performance while lifting.

  • Wrist wraps: you may have had a wrist injury before starting with If that is the case or you are looking for added wrist support for exercises such as overhead and heavy lifts, you may want to have a look at wrist wraps. Look for durable, fit, versatile wraps that may adapt to the exercises you do in your WOD.
  • Wrist straps: these are a good option for when you want to lift heavy weight but your grip is fatiguing. They prove to be extremely useful for deadlifts, but you may also find good use for other exercises such as weighted pull-ups.

Cover your feet!

Some CrossFit shoes may be used with or without socks, but you should definitely consider wearing some CrossFit socks. The most popular ones among CrossFitters are those knee high socks. They might be just a fashion, but they actually have several features that make them attractive and a great purchase. They

  • protect your shins from all kinds of CrossFit exercises and moves;
  • can serve as a shield between the ankles and the shoes;
  • tend to absorb some of the shock involved in some exercises;
  • reduce the friction between the feet and the shoes;
  • add more support to the calf muscles;
  • they help the CrossFitter to keep their muscles warmed up.

If you are going to check out CrossFitt socks you may want to take into account that there is a kind of specialized type of knee high shocks called compression socks. They do more than just cover your foot. They can help you recover in between workouts and gain more power during them.


Whether you want them for your arms or your knees, sleeves are designed to protect the part of the body they are covering from injury or risk of damage. They also add compression. This system, which is the same as that of compression socks, encourages blood flow through the blood vessels, which equals a better recovery. Here you have two good options for sleeves

Arm sleeves

Swiftwick Compression Arm Sleeves

They are made of the only Nobel Prize winning fiber, Olefin. This fiber retains very few moisture, which results in fast drying, lightweight, breathable, abrasion-resistant sleeves.

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Arm Compression Sleeve

This product has been constructed to help with muscle stabilization during any workout. These sleeves feature a moisture management system that helps keep you cooler, dryer and more comfortable. With an anti-microbial substance, this sleeves feature flatlock stitching that reduces rub and irritation.

Knee Sleeves

Rehband 7751 Knee Sleeves

Many CrossFitters love to use these sleeves. Using them regularly can relieve pain and increase performance. They are one of the few sleeves on the market with a 3D-design that provides a high level of comfort.

Nike Closed Patella Knee Sleeve

These knee sleeves have a compression fit that provides support. They are really lightweight and breathable thanks to their ventilated stretch construction.

Final Words:

Even though they are not absolutely necessary, there are many accessories that many men who practice CrossFit include in their outfit while working out. They are not just fashion additions, but also extra protection in some cases or a little help for improving your performance. They are not meant for every CrossFitter, but depending on your likes and the exercises you usually do, some of them might become a must-have.

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