Best CrossFit Gears & Crossfit Equipment Packages Review 2022

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CrossFit is well known for having workouts for which not many pieces of equipment are necessary. Even though the amount of gear that CrossFitters use is low, there are some must-haves for a good CrossFit workout. Knowing what options there are available on the market is important to purchase the products that best fit our needs.

Types of CrossFit Gear

CrossFit equipment are really important for achieving great results with your workout. This article will cover the basic CrossFit equipment you do not want to miss. You may buy them individually or choose to get a CrossFit equipment package. Anyways, this article will surely help you decide what you should purchase.

For those who willing to do their WODs at home, there are some basic pieces of equipment that should be part of their personal gym. Barbells and weights are necessary for starters. Squat stands are advisable as a place to keep them when you are done. Medicine balls, kettlebells and jump ropes are also used quite often. Other more complex pieces of equipment that tend to appear on every CrossFit gym.

A good option for getting your gym ready is purchasing CrossFit equipment packages. There are many packages available on the market. Some of them offer the basic equipment whereas others can make your house a great CrossFit gym. Differing in prices and quality, analyzing all the possibilities will ensure that you get what you really need and can afford. Many brands have great offers, and some of them can guarantee the quality of their packages.

Some of the equipment worth purchasing is not included in CrossFit equipment packages. Therefore, machines such as glute ham developers or rowers should be found separately. GHD usually differ in height, padding and other specific features. Rowers, however, do not only have differences in their characteristics, but there are also different kinds of rowing machines.

Most Popular CrossFit Gears

If you are taking your CrossFit workouts seriously, but you cannot afford or do not want to join a gym, you can always get the equipment yourself and work out at home. Try making your own garage gym.

Thankfully, this sport uses a minimal amount of equipment, but is always good to have at least what is needed for starting with your WODs at home. The list below covers the top 10 equipment you will be using during your workouts at your own garage gym.

Olympic Weightlifting Barbell

This is the number one must-have for your personal garage gym. You should choose the one that fits your own preference. The most popular among CrossFitters is a barbell without center knurl, but you may want to have it with center knurl. Here you have some features that you ought to find in a barbell.

  • It should not bend!
  • Olympic knurling. Do not look for power lift knurling.
  • Snap ring or end cap collar construction. Avoid those with a bolt in the end!

Bumper Plates

You can always get metal ones, but CrossFitters prefer bumper plates simply because they bounce and cause less damage than traditional weights. You can find two different families of training bumpers:

  • Recycled rubber bumpers with HD stainless steel inserts. They are the toughest bumper on the market.
  • Rubber bumper with brass insert: the brass inserts do not last as long as the steel, but they are good all-round bumpers.


Many exercises will require you to use them. For example, ring dips, push-ups or muscle-ups. Find yourself a good set of rings and your performance in those exercises will improve. Different brands produce them with different materials. You may want to go for steel rings like Rogue’s. Your taste could tend more to the plastic material. If that is the case, the Elite rings from Tyler Hass have led the way.

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are used for wall balls as well as some core exercises. The most commonly used size for CrossFit is 20 lb. Check what Dynamax has to offer if you are thinking of buying one of those. However, for your own personal gym, it is more advisable to get lighter medicine balls for mixed use.


Most of WODs include kettlebell workouts, so you should absolutely think about getting one for yourself. Be careful about the weight you choose, but men usually get around 35 lb. Look for casting seam and check whether the bell is naked, baked painted or hammertone painted for a right feel.

Squat Stand

Also known as squat rack, this piece of equipment will be very useful. Once you get past the stages when you only squat the bar, you will need something to hold the weight when you are done. Sometimes cheap options might be more appealing, but for this you should find good quality if you do not want to regret it later. Find yourself some sturdy squat stands! These are some of the brands that offer squat racks you may want to consider.

  • ProMaxima: these sturdy stands are independent and have no connection to the back. Their cups are covered with plastic, which protects the knurl.
  • Rogue: they have a system that was designed with the thought of eliminating all the knobs, pins and threads that wear out over time.
  • York FTS: this squat stand is low cost for its versatility. Unlike the Rogue model the threads wear out with heavy use, so you may experience pain while adjusting.


If you do not want to miss out much on your WODs, make sure you get a rower. It might look as a huge investment, but it is extremely worth it. Here you have the different types of rowers you can find available at the market. Each of them offers something different, so try to find what is more appropriate for your needs and likes.

  • Piston resistance: those piston resistance rowers do not have the same smooth motion of other rowers. This could lessen the overall effectiveness of your workout, so they are not really suitable for CrossFitters.
  • Magnetic resistance: a magnetic machine offers a similar resistance to a piston rower, but they operate much more smoothly and quietly. Check the space you have because they tend to have a long main rail.
  • Air resistance: this is by far the most popular type of rower among CrossFitters. It is the closest simulation to rowing on water and their operation is very smooth. If you will not be bothered by the noise and can afford the price, this could be the best match for you.
  • Water resistance: they are a good simulation for actual rowing. You can customize the water resistance, but it is not as convenient as with other types of rowers. They are not as noisy as others, but they are heavier.

Jump Rope

This piece of equipment is pretty easy to store. You may hang them on a hook when you are done, or anywhere else within your own gym. Jump ropes are a great workout. Brands offering jump ropes usually give advice on the length you will need according to your height. You should find balance and symmetry between your body and your rope. Speed is also important when deciding which jump rope you should purchase, because not every rope is made designed for the same exercises. You may want to purchase more than one, or maybe look into some ropes that offer replacement cables for when they are worn out.


Wondering what this stands for? Glute-Ham Developer! This is a great piece of equipment, useful for developing mechanics before introducing loads and speed. This is crucial in the beginning and can be used throughout all stages a CrossFitter goes through. Some other pieces of equipment are usually included in CrossFit equipment packages. However, if you want to purchase a GHD, you had better have a look at what is on the market by yourself, because packages tend not to include them.

Pull-up Bar

These bars are used in most workouts. Some kind of bars can be hung on the door. They are not the best option, since they are dangerous, could damage your door and they do not let you perform a wide variety of pull-ups. Buy a quality bar and you will not regret it.

Crossfit Equipment Packages

If you have gone through all the equipment you will need for your CrossFit workouts and find it hard to choose among all the options, you may want to consider getting an equipment package and adding the extra pieces of equipment you may find useful for your WODs. See the tables below and compare what these packages have to offer.

Still confused about which package would be best for you? Keep reading so you can learn about the advantages of each of these complete CrossFit equipment packages!

Warrior CrossFit Equipment Package

This package is one of the best options available on the market. Anything you may need is included in the set. Besides since it is under the brand Rogue, you can be sure that quality will be guaranteed. It might be a great investment at once, but if you are thinking of getting all these pieces of CrossFit equipment at some point, it is worth investing all at once.

Alpha CrossFit Equipment Packages

Less expensive than the Warrior package, this equipment package is a good choice to start your workouts at home. If you are looking for a package that will save you some money and some space, this will fit for sure. It lacks some pieces of equipment

Bravo CrossFit Equipment Package

This is just another package by Rogue. It does not offer as many pieces of equipment as the others and this is reflected on its cheaper price. You could consider purchasing this package as an addition to your gym if you already have some equipment at home and want to complete it. However, think twice if you are just starting because you may need to add more gear to this CrossFit equipment package.


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