3 Most Essential Tools that A Man Should Know How To Use

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As a man, society expects certain things from you. From being the family breadwinner, to taking the lead in dating. The most important expectation a man should fulfill is to be able to fix things around the house.

Of course you could use external service, like calling a plumber when your water pipe breaks. However, a manly man is not dependent on outsiders. Instead, they roll up their sleeves and learn basic skills to take care of their own home. Its reassuring to know the next time when your bedroom light falls off in the middle of the night, you know how to put it back up.

To assist you in your basic fixing tasks, I have hand-selected the most 3 basic tools that every man should know how to use; A pocket knife, a cordless drill and a hammer.

Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is a tool that you should always have close to hand. There are many situations where having a pocket knife will save you a lot of trouble:

Opening stuff

Spare yourself from the grumbling of your wife when opening boxes, packages, and other enclosed items.

Camping Essential

Never go camping without a pocket knife. You could use this for cutting brushwood for the fire or popping those beer bottle caps off. The tweezers can be used to remove a nauseating splinter.


Although it wasn’t designed to be a weapon, it could be your last resort to protect yourself from an attacker at night should the worst case scenario happen.

Cordless Drill

As the cordless drill operates on rechargeable batteries, you need not worry about the cord getting in your way. It is one of the most flexible DIY tools and will save you time in completing tasks. Here are my favorite uses of the cordless drill:

Using it as a screwdriver

Aside from drilling you can use this handy tool as a screwdriver. A little attachment and assembling of a screw bit and you can quickly drive those screws and bolts and accomplish the task in a jiffy.

Drill holes

Obviously you know this is the primary use for a drill. A bit of understanding on the type of drill bits might help. There are three types used on different surfaces: for metal, for wood, and for concrete. They come in different sizes depending on the size of your hole. Using a wrong bit will cause breakage. Always use goggles to protect your eyes too, safety can never be overlooked.


There are hole saw bits of various sizes for cutting a perfect round circle. Your cordless drill can be used for producing the hole in your door for a knob, cutting the hole for drains and sink faucets.


With the air nailers driving nails, hammers are not used as often to whack nails anymore. However, this does not mean that carpenters shying away from their useful hammers.

The hammer is still indispensable for numerous tasks. From driving your nails, fitting parts, forging metal and breaking things apart. Over the years, I still use my trusted hammer. Here are some of the feats that it help me accomplish:

Splitting Plumber

Use a claw hammer to split wood or chop off excess board edges.

Tool for measurement

I and my buddies are very imaginative when it comes to tight fixes. We make use of what tools are available. In the absence of a tape measure we use the hammer’s length to make rough measurements.

Gizmo for destruction

This is my favorite use of the hammer. Whenever there is a demolition job, I plow through wood, use the claw to rip off corner beads and anything that needs destruction.


As a grown up man, you should be comfortable using the above tools for around-the-house tasks. For most tasks, these 3 tools should be enough. Do remember to always be expanding your skills and knowledge with tools and ways to fix things. A toolbox kitted out with a good range of tools will make your life easier, and help you take pride of place as the man of the house.

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