How to Grow a Full Beard Without Patches: 10 Ways to Grow Beard Faster

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It requires a lot of patience to grow a full beard, and the density mostly depends on age and genetics. However, there are some actions you can take to stimulate beard growth. Follow these tips and you’ll develop facial hair gradually but steadily to a full beard of epic proportions.

1. Think about sex

The first tip that will probably interest you the most, is thinking of sex. Research has shown that when a man is expecting to have sex, his beard grows faster. Beard growth is, like many other male characteristics, largely controlled by the production of testosterone. When men think about sex, the body prepares itself by secreting a high production of testosterone and thus you get an extra rapid growth of beard!

2. Exercise and relax

Simply put, stress depletes your hair growth. Get enough sleep so that damaged skin cells get a chance to recover and reduce stress through meditation and sports. Exercise ensures better blood circulation in the face, and that makes your beard grow faster.

If you have a fast circulation more nutrients will reach your hair follicles, thus increasing your beard growth. Even very slight to moderate cardio is better than not move at all. Start with a brisk half hour walk after work, or even better, go running.

3. Exfoliating and skin care

Keep your face clean and moisturized. Oils, dirt, and dead skin cells form an impenetrable barrier making it difficult for your hair to break out. Your facial hair will grow faster when your face is clean. Wash your face with cold water in the morning and before bedtime.

Once a week scrub your face gently to remove dead skin cells, which stimulates hair growth. Make a gentle facial scrub by mixing used coffee grounds with some coconut oil, and scrub your beard area in circular movements. Wash it with warm water, and apply a moisturizer with eucalyptus, an oil that is great for a faster beard.

4. Stimulate the hair follicles with a massage

A face massage will encourage your hair follicles to grow faster and thicker.

Apply gentle, even pressure on the parts of your face where you want to stimulate hair growth. Rub in circular motions and massage your face twice a day for about 10 minutes.

5. Vitamins & Protein

These nutrients will turn you into a lean mean beard growing machine.

Protein and fats

The hair itself also consists partly of protein, and healthy hair is protected by oils and fats. Up your intake of food proteins and fats with fish, beans, eggs and nuts. Proteins and fats may also raise your testosterone levels, a major player in the growth of facial hair.

B Vitamins

Vitamin B7, also known as biotin, is one of the most important vitamins for the hair growth. Biotin is found in nuts and egg yolks. Vitamin B5, B3 and B9, are also very important. Vitamins B5 and B3 improve circulation and can be found in chicken, beef, fish, egg yolk, avocado, milk, and whole grain products. Vitamin B9, also called folic acid, has a direct effect on your ability to grow thicker hair. Vitamin B9 is found in grains, nuts, and green leafy vegetables.

A, C and E

Vitamin A helps to keep your hair follicles and sebaceous glands in order, and is found in carrots, broccoli, and leafy green vegetables. Vitamin C strengthens your immune system, and can be found in potatoes, citrus fruits, green peppers, tomatoes, and dark green leafy vegetables. Vitamin E improves the blood circulation, and can be found in beans, nuts, and leafy vegetables.

6. Do not shave in between

Contrary to what some people say, shaving will not stimulate the growth of hair. The initial accelerated growth after shaving will slow down, and eventually the overall net hair growth will be less. So leave your beard alone. It is however wise to remove ingrown hairs to prevent uneven beard growth.

7. Drink plenty of water

To keep your body perfectly hydrated make sure you drink plenty of water. Only in optimal physical condition can facial hair grow as fast as possible. Drink, as a rule of thumb, about eight glasses a day.

8. Stop smoking

Smoking weakens the immune system. If your immune system is weakened then the body may be less able to grow hair. Nicotine also reduces the absorption of nutrients, including those needed for the growth of hair. Moreover, nicotine constricts blood vessels, which prevents your blood from reaching the right places.

9. Ground cinnamon with lime juice

Mix 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon with 2 teaspoons of lime juice. Apply this paste on the face and rinse it off after 25-30 minutes. Stop immediately if irritation occurs.

10. Oil and mustard leaf

Mix ΒΌ cup of Jojoba or grape seed oil and 3 teaspoons of mustard leaf to a paste. Apply this paste on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes before you rinse it again.

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