California Air Tools CAT-5510A Ultra Quite Air Compressor Reviews

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it’s great to see you looking around the most quiet air compressors. Personally, I think noisy air compressors are something many of us to deal with. Sadly, many air compressors are manufactured that way. But sometimes it just it can’t be helped that the noise gets on your nerves so I’m not surprised to see you reading this article.

Noise level is certainly a significant factor for customers shopping for the most quiet air compressor. When the air compressor gets too noisy, it’s easy to feel embarrassed for disturbing or waking your next-door neighbors.

Fortunately, air compressor manufacturers have figured out ways to lower the decibels, allowing you to have meaningful conversation even when the air compressor is running. The times have definitely changed as they
bring us one of the most quiet air compressors out there.


Since California Air Tools CAT – 6310 claims to be one of the most quiet air compressors, the first thing we will definitely need to look at is its noise level. Remarkably, this air compressor works with just 60 decibels. That’s the same (or even lower) noise level than humans making conversation. At that rate, it’s safe to say that California Air Tools CAT – 6310 is definitely one of the most quiet air compressors you will find in the market today. You can use the compressor overnight or for a longer period of time without fearing of disturbing your neighbors and you can even take it out and not disturb anybody.


Due to the fact that the California Air Tools CAT – 6310 weighs just around 49 pounds, this air compressor is so portable that you can easily relocate it where your project demands to. However, it could also be light enough to sustain defects and damages when knocked over.


California Air Tools CAT – 6310 is a durable air compressor in the sense that it operates with only 1680 RPM. In air compressors, lower RPM is indicative of lower vibration and noise and the motor is less prone to wear. However, design-wise it can be noted that California Air Tools CAT – 6310 is too exposed, and given that it is portable; it can be prone to hazards. While the tank is made of steel, it should be noted that there are no protective casings for the gauges and motor, leaving them exposed and out in the open.


The California Air Tools CAT – 6310 is oil-free with the capability of providing 2.35 CFM at 90 PS. It is useful enough for most air compressor jobs. At 1 hp, this air compressor can deliver satisfactory performance. You can use the California Air Tools CAT – 6310 for an hour continuously. It has a built-in thermal overload protector which allows the air compressor to automatically shut down when operating over 135 degrees Celsius. The compressor also comes with a 6.3 gallon steel tank; the compressor provides a maximum pressure of 120 PSI. It also automatically shuts down when the maximum pressure is reached. An empty tank of the California Air Tools CAT – 6310 can be filled fully in 130 seconds.


Also one of the California Air Tools CAT – 6310’s most notable features is its dual piston pump. Compared to air compressors with single pump, it’s easy to see which this air compressor with dual piston pump is more efficient. It can produce air real quickly than single pumps and fills the tank fairly quick too. Furthermore, having two pumps means the air compressor have longer life and boasts a life-cycle of 3000 hours.


California Air Tools CAT – 6310 requires relatively lesser maintenance than other conventional air-compressors. It comes with an oil-free pump that makes maintenance less of a burden. It comes with a valve ball that makes draining water out a breeze. Since the tank is made of steel, there’s always a good chance of rust developing over time. To prevent this, drain the tank of moisture every 2 to 3 days. Meanwhile, the air filter has an impressive 5000 hours of life cycle.


When it comes to being the most quiet air compressor, California Air Tools CAT – 6310 certainly makes a good contender. You might be able to find quieter air compressors, but at 60 decibel, this air compressor does work in impressive silence.

It is also pretty portable, powerful and efficient for most jobs. The dual piston pumps also make the air compressor more longer-lasting.


Silence does come at a price, and for this certain air compressor, there’s more left to be desired for. You can satisfactorily use the California Air Tools CAT – 6310 for small domestic jobs, but you can’t expect it to operate it quite as efficiently for heavy-duty requirements. After all, it only comes with 1 hp.

Some customers also complain of it emitting bad smell, but if your focus is more on operation and quietness, the smell should be just a small annoyance depending on where you leave it.


Despite the minor inconveniences and some imperfections, it’s easy to see why many customers are satisfied with their California Air Tools CAT – 6310. This is especially true where quiet operations are concerned. Using California Air Tools CAT – 6310, you should be able to run the air compressor and work with it without waking up the neighbors, allowing you to work for longer hours and not fear about disturbing anybody. Also, given that it can perform quite well for small-scale jobs; it is lightweight and portable and comes with a dual piston pump; you can expect that this air compressor can deliver in terms of efficiency and performance.

Overall, the California Air Tools CAT – 6310 provides a decent quiet air compressor option when considering its price and key features. It can be a great purchase for anybody who values smooth and quiet operations while using the air compressor.

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