10 Best Tonneau Cover for the Money

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Finding the best Tonneau cover for your vehicle shouldn’t be a hassle. The build and year of your vehicle will help determine the dimensions of the Tonneau cover you need. Truck bed covers, as we alternately call them, do vary and are available in a wide array of designs and features. So there are some considerations to take into account, which I will be covering in this article for you.

It is very important that you also find out how convenient you want your cover to open up. There are covers that fold up, roll up or slide out. Still there are ones that you have to take all apart in one piece. Security should also play a role in choosing your cover. This is something I always take seriously and will include good security with the best tonneau cover list.

It is almost too easy to buy these covers as some shops will only ask for the type of vehicle, a category, or a brand. The dimensions for your vehicle is determined, and the choices are narrowed down for you.

Of course, the goal is to prep you up for that time you need to determine if you want a secure hard cover, or a soft one, or even a toolbox hybrid. So you get the idea, here are 10 of the best Tonneau covers in the market.

Advantage Torza Top

This Tri-fold cover is easy to install, provides you a secure cover, and versatility. It’s pretty easy to fold up and closed out, via a latch mechanism. They have detachable snap clips that allow your cover to stay open when you need the back part of you truck for something else, and the good thing I that the latches are hidden when you close it. The only way you are getting the top off is when you open the tailgate. The material is also water resistant.

Extang eMax

The problem with tri-folding covers is that they fold up to the far end of the truck, but they don’t fold up all the way. This means there is about a third of your truck’s spack that you may or may not be able to use depending on your creativity. The Extang eMax allows you to use all of the area in your truck by folding up to the front of the truck bed. It is very easy to install, and provides you a secure hold once closed.

Advantage Torza Top Premier

This version of the Torza top prevents fading of the vinyl cover, so it doesn’t look old and raggedy too soon. The cover folds backwards so you can access the last 30% of the bed for storage. Again, the same promise of an easy installation, waterproofing at the tailgate, and secure latches also available in the Advantage Torza Top are available for the Premier version.

Gator SR1

The good thing about roll up covers is that you can use 100% of the truck bed, because the cover rolls up all the way to the front. No clamps are necessary, Gator is secured by Velcro straps to the sides of the truck and then secured by a latch at the tailgate end. The Latch is easy to release with its spring loaded mechanism

Truxedo TruXport

Truxedo is one of the most common brands you will come across for this market. It is a very trusted logo. The industrial strength Velcro that secures the cover is weather resistant.

There are no drill clamps to complicate the installation, it would take you less than half an hour to install the cover. Full bed access, rests 1 ½ inches above the rails, and it comes with 5 years of warranty.

Access LiteRider

The LiteRider has an automatic lock system that makes opening and closing the cover very easy. Again, use 100% of the truck bed once the cover is rolled up. Easy to install, as the entire frame is held on to the truck bed by 6 clamps altogether.

Pace Edwards Full Metal Jackrabbit

The cover is retractable, locking your cover end to the tailgate. Most,, but not all will guarantee no drilling, thus easier to install, and less invasive. The Full Metal Jackrabbit locks into position every 12 inches of the way up to the end.

Any water that seeps inside the truck bed is drained into a canister tube. You also have the choice between standard rails or the explorer rails. Plus the powder coated finish on the cover is stylish.

Pace Edwards Manual Utility Cover

This retractable cove is again, made with a black powder coat finish but is a bit harder to install. The cover locks down with an electromagnetic brake also holding the cover in place. The body doubles out as a toolbox. It is ok to forget closing the tailgate, as the cover latches down to the floor, keeping the truck bed secure even when the tailgate is open.

DiamondBack HD

This is just about as heavy duty as you can get for a Tonneau cover. The top of this aluminum alloy construction can hold stuff up to 1,600 pounds of weight. Because of its aluminum alloy composition, the Diamond Back also gives you top security when the lid is closed down.

Quick release gas springs allow you to open the cover and make way for taller cargo. Neoprene gaskets keep the cover fairly waterproof, keeping cargo within it as dry as it can.

Undercover Lux

Made to order, basically, as they will match the color of your cover to the color of your truck. This allows you to have a streamlined look on your vehicle that makes it look like the cover was manufactured with it. A center lock requiring a key to open the cover keeps your cargo safe from thieves.

The problem with a cover like this is that there is no retractable or soft cover to conveniently open the truck bed. You will always require the help of a friend when you take off the cover to load something up.

So there you have it, 10 of the best tonneau cover, with stylish, practical and utilitarian ways you can keep the back of your truck covered. Until next time, enjoy!

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