5 Good Paying Jobs Without Degrees

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So you probably think you have a pretty difficult job, right?

For most of us, our jobs get stressful from time to time. We can even come across problems that may seem unsolvable at first.

You probably go home and complain to the family or friends on occasion. You consider doing something different, having a change of pace.

Well that’s most of us who work in offices. Or maybe serve the public. Or, have to travel a lot. Get’s a little tough at times…

Well wait till you read these 10 manly jobs for the alpha male’s among us. It will help put that spreadsheet problem, or difficult customer into perspective.

If you think you have a tough time think again.


Lumberjacks, also known as Logging workers, have a pretty tough job. In fact that’s an understatement, they have a very tough job.

They cut down trees and shift large pieces of lumber around. Often by using large industrial machinery, and by climbing up some trees and getting busy with a chainsaw.

They often have to endure all kinds of weather and unpleasant conditions outdoors. Not to mention there is a serious risk of injury.

So next time you have a rough day at the office, this is one job to be thankful that someone else is doing. And maybe you day hasn’t been so bad afterall.

Movie Stuntman

On first mention, being a movie stuntman seems like a fairly glamorous job. Sure you may get to meet some Hollywood stars. However there is a good chance you won’t, and it’s far from glamorous often.

The pros are; you will always have new and exciting challenges, the pay is decent, you get to do what you’ve trained for, and it’s a pretty good conversation starter.

The cons are; there is lots of waiting around on set, making mistakes can be costly to the production of the film, there is a serious risk of injury, it’s gets more difficult as you age.

So weighing up the pros and cons there is a balance. It’s a short window with the potential for lots of fun and some cool stories to tell people. One thing that’s for sure, it ain’t an easy job.

Boxing sparring partner

Ever wonder how professional boxers craft their skills? Sure they hit mitts, work the bag, and put a lot of road work in. But they also smack sparring partners around.

This has to be one of the toughest jobs out there. Think about it. You haven’t made it as a pro boxer. You’re not making a living from stepping in the ring and earning all those accolades, recognition, and glory.

Instead you’re travelling from gym to gym, helping a pro prepare for their next big fight. You still get paid, and you get to do what you love. But you’re going to take a beating each and every day.

Not many people start out wanting to be just a sparring partner. But you can end up as one, and I take my hat off to you if that’s what you do for a living. Tough job.


Bodyguards have been around for longer than records go back. People in a position of need, power, or wealth have always used people to protect them.

That’s no different today. Bodyguards are used to protect kings, priests, celebrities, and much more. But keeping an eye out for someone else’s safety isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Ok, it doesnt sound that easy either does it. You need to be hyper-alert, have a keen eye for detail, a sixth sense for danger, and some serious self-defense skills.


Firefighters have a lot of responsibility, stress, and risk their lives when called into action. How many of us can say we risk our lives doing our day job?

It’s one of those jobs where in an ideal world a firefighter would never be called on. But they need to be ready 24/7 incase they are called on.

The role includes putting out fires in residential or industrial buildings, which can be extremely dangerous. Along with giving demonstrations and talks on fire safety. As well as saving the odd cat stuck up a tree and other such activities of course.

It’s not a job for the faint of heart. Certainly one of the more manly jobs out there. You need to be physically and mentally strong.

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